LeadEdge: step into the shoes of an industrial CEO

A business simulation that challenges participants to become market leaders by making informed decisions in a highly competitive environment

  • Experience duration: 1 day
  • Played in teams of 3 to 4 people
  • Minimum number of participants: 16
  • Optional moderation
  • Key concepts: Financial management, Human resource management, Business strategy, Operations management, Marketing management
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Setting the scene, Putting it into practice, The power of gamification, Gamified CEO role

Business management and simulation

Take the reins of a company and experience the life of a successful CEO in this realistic and engaging business management game


Participants experience the interactions between different departments of a company, gaining a deeper understanding of managing a business


In LeadEdge, participants have the opportunity to step into the shoes of an industrial CEO and make strategic decisions to become market leaders

Decision making in a highly competitive environment

Participants are faced with a business simulation that puts them in a highly competitive environment where they must make informed strategic decisions to tackle the competition. The goal is to improve their company's performance and achieve a strong market position

Decision Making

Participants are confronted with dynamic scenarios and must exercise discernment to seize opportunities while managing risks and constraints


At the end of each round, teams receive a detailed analysis of their performance and overall ranking

Awareness, commitment  gamified training, fun training


Discover the advantages of this experience

Problem Solving

Develop your ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems

Critical Thinking

Enhance your ability to think critically and make informed decisions


Learn to work effectively with others

Project Management

Improve your ability to plan, organize, and supervise

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