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Why use gamified learning tools in your training?

Learning games are an effective solution to address the three main shortcomings of traditional training.

  1. Low retention rates in traditional training are a major problem, which can be solved by using gamified games that allow for better memorization through immersive practice.

  2. Traditional training does not provide practice, immersion, contextualization, or realistic visualization, while gamified games are designed to offer a realistic and immersive experience.

  3. In-person training can be restrictive, while gamified games can be used remotely, allowing for greater flexibility in usage.

The 3 pillars of our offering

Our offering for trainers is based on 3 pillars to provide you with an optimal experience:

Maximum Impact and Engagement

We provide you with our catalog of games that are differentiated by their impact and effectiveness. Our games are designed to maximize learner engagement and motivation to learn. Additionally, our games are simple and quick to deliver, facilitating their usage.

Personalized Support

We provide personalized support to each trainer. We offer a resource pack to simplify your life as a trainer (training content to complement the gaming experience, resources, certification, trainer community, dedicated support).

Free Game Credits and Unlimited Access to Our LMS

Our certified trainers have access to our LMS, receive free credits to test new games, and gain access to marketing content derived from our research and client cases to assist you in promoting gamified experiences to your clients.

4 steps onboarding journey

We have designed a 4-step onboarding journey to help trainers harness the full potential of our gaming platform in their training.

Demo Session

Experience our games from the player's perspective.

1 TO 1

Discuss the gaming session and learn how to use the platform as a trainer.


Obtain your trainer certification in the games that interest you.


With the provided credits, conduct your first training sessions with NowEdge games.