Unlock your team's full potential and boost new hire integration with gamification of learning and onboarding

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Innovate your training programs with gamification. Enhance the employee experience. Opt for a dynamic and interactive training approach. Achieve successful awareness campaigns.

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Onboard your new hires with a gamified digital experience that showcases your company. Make this experience memorable for your employees.

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" I found this method attractive and engaging. I am certain that other participants are also fully satisfied with this learning experience."

Engagement, Gamification, Effective training

Consultant @ Word Health Organization

World health organisation

" We co-developed a serious game on pharmacovigilance with NowEdge, which is a first in the field. This innovation has earned us a lot of positive feedback from our participants and partners."

Société générale maroc

Director @ Rabat Collaborating Center

Rachida Soulaymani
Engagement, Gamification, Effective training

" Far more than just a recreational activity, the business game was an opportunity for me to acquire multiple knowledge in the field of strategy and the importance of reflection in decision-making in the business world. Moreover, it allowed me to grasp concepts that were previously elusive"

Training Innovations

Bachelor Student @ Essem Business School

Ernest Ndong
Training technology, gamified training

" I anticipate that gaming will gain a strong position as an educational tool, especially in the areas of strategy and leadership. The immersive experience allows for better assimilation of concepts. NowEdge is a clear example of this approach through its platform."

fun training

Consultant trainer

Younes Bouassis
Gamified training and onboarding




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